Best Use of the marked poker cards

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Plain paper or plastic letters are printed with previously invisible ink. Under the special contact lenses or luminous sunglasses lenses, the invisible marks on these cards can be shown. These processed playing cards are called marked cards. Marked poker cards are quite popular in the magic show, casinos and some private games.

Variation of marked cards

Numerous poker players are concerned that placing a poker phone analyzer on the Texas Holdem table might raise suspicions for other guys, so they prefer to use an external camera to scan barcode-marked cards rather than using the inside one inside the predictor of the poker winner. For those who like to smoke when playing poker, it is generally recommendedto try the lightest scanner camera. It can be installed with a poker camera in lighters of different brands. With the camera inside, this lighter can not only be used to light your cigarette, but can also be used to scan cards marked with a barcode. After lighting your cigarette, you can place the lightest poker scanner, wherever it is good for the poker camera, scan the marked cards that have already been shuffled. It is guaranteed that there is nothing special in appearance about the lighters, since the scanning camera is completely hidden.

Usually, the poker camera scanning distance happens to be 20 to 40 centimeters, but in the event that customers desire to modify the scanning distance as per the their own requirements, it can satisfy this demand as well.

Finely processed from high quality Modiano poker index poker cards with marked playing cards and the best invisible ink recipe by professional staff, the Modiano poker playing cards marked index is one of the best marked playing cards on the market.

The Modiano poker card deck is made of 100% plastic material and, like other types of Modiano cards, once you have used it, you will never want to play with paper or vinyl cards again, as they can last longer, improved, and treated so fluidly. The back design of these cards is diamond or hash, and is available in poker size and in the jumbo index.

There are two types of Modiano Poker game cards marked for sale: one is to print the value of the invisible ink and the card suit on the back, so if you are using infrared contact lenses or marked card glasses, you can see easily invisible ink marks, this is marked cards back; Another is the printer’s invisible ink barcode along the edges of the playing cards, they are marked barcode marks. Another is to print the invisible barcode along the edges of each piece of cards, it is the marked barcode deck, once you work poker scanning camera to scan them, you can know the information of each piece from the properly marked deck.