Diverse Chandelier Designs to Adorn and Enhance the Decor of Your Bedrooms

Diverse Chandelier Designs to Adorn and Enhance the Decor of Your Bedrooms

We all love the grace and soft lightning that a chandelier provides in our bedrooms. What more to ask for chandeliers are now very much affordable even for a common man now.  Be it a modest lamp, a modern lightning fixture, or a vintage piece chandelier brings out the best ambience in any room. 

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Types of bedroom chandeliers

  1. Fixtures for the bedroom wall:
  • This is especially apt for small bedrooms or low ceilings. 
  • It provides a clutter free look and also acts as a night lamp. 
  1. Centrally placed chandeliers:
  • It graciously brightens up the entire room and adds a lot to the personality of the room. 
  • Rightly placed above the bed, these chandeliers can also make your bedroom luxurious. 
  • Generally suited for large bedrooms, the height of the chandelier should be carefully determined. 
  1. Twin fixtures:
  • Large spacious rooms that not just accommodates the bed, but leaves ample space to provide a seating area as well. 
  • The twin light fixtures will gracefully adorn the space right above the bed and above your seating area too. 
  • This will ensure that all the areas of the room are equally illuminated without leaving any dark spaces. 
  1. Bedside light fixtures:
  • A drop style chandelier right above your night stand or side table can add a lot of personality to the room. 
  • It is the sign of luxury and of dramatic appeal as well. 
  • Choose a crystal intricate fixture to fulfil the purpose. 

Ideal height of chandeliers for the bedroom

  • You can choose any type of chandelier but ensure that its bottom part should have a distance of about 7 feet from the ground. 
  • The chandelier diameter is calculated by addition of the width and length of the room. A 15*20 feet room will accommodate 35 inch chandelier perfectly. 
  • The chandelier must not be too large that it restricts easy movement or an easy view of your television screens. 
  • Other small light fixtures should be placed in such a way to create a balanced illumination in the entire room. 

There are many styles of chandeliers available in the market. Choose what best compliments your personal style and your home decor. Geometric designs, caged chandeliers and pendant lightning provides modern elements to your decor. On the other hand; crystal chandeliers are luxurious and provides a more intimate appeal to the room. 

If you are want something more versatile, a drum chandelier can prove to be your saviour. It goes well with both modern as well as traditional setting and also fits well in all small rooms. 

Add some sophistication and intimate ambience in your bedroom with a chandelier that not just adds to the decor of the room but also a touch of your personality. Ensure that you select the right size of your lightning fixture and place it correctly in order to achieve the desired ambience and appeal.