Ideas Are Power: “The Dark Knight Rises”

For spiritual travelers, it is taught as well as stressed: individual thought produces truth, and what we think strongly influences our cumulative as well as personal physical, psychological and also spiritual globe. As beings of pure conscious energy, on several levels, we are what we consider: both individually and also Your Thought jointly.

Ideas Are Power: "The Dark Knight Rises"


In our country, once again, there was another man-made catastrophe, where a crazed, shooter eliminated and wounded numerous innocents in a local theater. Ironically, the unknowing targets had concerned check out a late-night revealing of a brand-new Batman film entitled:’ The Dark Knight Rises.’ In this real-life dramatization, a crazed, gunman represented Darkness; capturing, killing and also damaging numerous.

How Thought Types Work

From a magical or spiritual view, this occurrence is yet an additional tip- that whatever we think of- can and also will come to be a reality. For clearly, this gunman’s activity was the build-up of lots of dark ideas, experiences and also patterns; both individual as well as collective, affecting his growing personal darkness, exploding right into an evening of terrible damage. For personal factors, rising-up as well as creating, through deadly force, a night of disaster, fear and death for many people he did not even recognize.

Thoughts Are Power

Mystics show, each thought has a vibration or power level attached to it; this power comes to be either a personal action or thought-form which moves/vibrates out into the world seeking to attach itself to a comparable resonance or action. Currently when lots of people think the same thing, jointly, each creating a thought type as well as collection of vibrations; this possible physical activity as well as idea expression, ends up being that much more powerful and also physically active. Consistently, these assumed types, either individual or collective, seek a vehicle/opportunity to express themselves in the physical world.