Show your Children Amazing Movie ‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty’ Online at Aha

Show your Children Amazing Movie ‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty’ Online at Aha

Many parents may be worrying about their children that they are unable to entertain their children with appropriate knowledge transfer about what they are showing interest to learn. For these parents who are busy with their work from home, business timings, Aha video is the best platform to entertain your children—aha streaming with all genres of animation movies and interesting video content.

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Currently, The aha platform is streaming all genres of animated cartoon movies online in HD quality without any interruption. Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty Is one of the best animation movies for your child for entertainment. It should be in your pick for the weekend watchlist.

Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty – Why A Worthy Watchable Cartoon Movie?

Characteristics: Gopi and Raju

Direction: Rajiv chilaka and Rasauro B. Adorable

Production company: Green Gold Animations Banner

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run time: 66 Minutes

Release year: 2015


Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty is the part of the successful series Mighty Raju. It has created a tremendous impact on children with its adventure, fun entertainment stories, and the way it is visualized. Director Rajiv Chilaka has animated the characters very well so that children can easily understand. Children are more attracted to the Mighty Raju series because of its graphics, fun entertainment, simple dialogues, and background music.


The cartoon movie Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty has been directed by Rajiv Chilaka under the banner of Green Gold Animations. This animated movie ‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty’  was released in the year 2015. This movie is part of the Mighty Raju series.

‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty’ is an entertainment-based animation movie, where children can find interesting sceneries and new things while they are watching the movie. The story is about Gopi and Raju. Children go to a games camp to Leh, Ladak. Where Raju and his friends also go camping and in their journey, they fall to an ice mountain where Gopi and Raju perform some adventures to save all of them. To know the brief story of the movie, watch the movie ‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty’ online at Aha, where you can enjoy the movie as it contains lots of interesting content. Watch animation movies online at Aha video.

Highlights of ‘Mighty Raju Ice Ice Mighty’ Movie

  1. The director Rajiv Chilaka made Gopi and Raju as role-model characters and children-friendly.
  2. Compared to other animated movies, the director Rajiv Chilaka has presented this movie in a different way.
  3. The roles in the movie are very appropriate and performed well by doing all stunning stunts whenever required.
  4. The music director Sunil Kaushik has provided better background music so that children can be attracted to the movie to watch.
  5. Children can learn different qualities by watching the series of Mighty Raju.

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