Similarities Between The Hunger Games & The Lottery

Perhaps you have read a story and began to connect theories or themes to books? The further you see, the more prevalent this phenomenon becomes. In this lesson we’ll concentrate on two printed reports,”The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and”The Hunger Games” from Suzanne Collins, also find out how these stories are linked, though they were released sixty decades apart. If you know anything about the tales in question, you immediately find the similarities between these two tales of fortune, rivalry, and death. Let’s peek at a list of every before we dive in our investigation.

The Hunger Games” was printed in 2008. Following the trend of dystopian books, that this young adult novel was written by Collins with all the themes of government control, and warfare, sacrifice, family members. The book opens with the personality, Katniss Everdeen, that resides together with her sister and mother in District 12. Once annually, two titles are chosen from a pool of kids; the participants will be transmitted together with kids from another eleven districts to struggle for their own lives in the bola tangkas stadium. The winner receives funds to their district and furthermore they get to maintain their own lifestyle.

Katniss is set through adventures that examine her physical and psychological strength, alongside the romance with her very best buddy her district partner Peeta and Gale. Both are victorious although not without result. Just one is allowed to be crowned the Victor, however through persistence and exploitation, the two beat the odds and return house jointly. The Lottery,” is really a brief story printed in 1948. The narrative centres around a city convention where each head of their family must pull on a slip of paper out of an aged box. Whichever individual selects the slide with a dark dot on it must pull , together with their whole family.