Thai Language Lessons – Football TV Commentary

You would like to see the game but UBC/TrueVisions has let you and aren’t covering it. It is on Thai TV however they have not purchased the comment. If they state the participant’s names You’re able to comprehend the Thai commentators but it will be great to understand what they’re saying. Okay, they’re not enlightening in regards to the sport but it’s far better than not understanding what they’re saying. The objective. This is the Thai term for’doorway’. Goalkeeper. This translates. Pass. This is the Thai term forgive’. Shoot. The same as in English that this is the phrase that they use to take a gun. Beat on. This is the Thai term for moving passed something. Forgoing passed a player for passing the ball but, it isn’t used. Nobody there. You may.

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Thai Language Lessons - Football TV Commentary

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