The True Story Behind Jallikattu

The True Story Behind Jallikattu

The film Jallikattu got its name from the Tamil Nadu famous festival, jallikattu, where the bull is set free, and to win the reward; the participants need to capture them. The film jallikattu shows various strands of human nature and the behavior of humans when he faces crises. Through examples, characteristics of human behavior such as selfishness and lack of sympathy have been highlighted in the film. The human leaning to indulge in criticizing others is another essential strand pointed out efficiently in the Jallikattu movie. The film jallikattu provides India an opportunity to enter the Oscar 2021 nominated as international feature film category.

Jallikattu is a Malayalam-language action movie, which has been produced by Thomas Panicker and directed by Lijo Jose. The screenplay is by S. Hareesh and R. Jayakumar and is based on Maoist by S. Hareesh. Prashant Pillai and cinematography have given the music by Girish Gangadharan. The production company of the film is Opus Penta, and Deepu Joseph does the editing. The film stars Antony Varghese, Chemban Vinod Jose, SabumonAbdusamad. On 28th September 2019, the official trailer has revealed, and on 4th October, it was theatrically released. Jallikattu was also released on Amazon prime videos on 4th February 2020, and on Aha with the same title, its Telugu dubbed version was released.

The story of the movie revolves around a small Keralan village. Kalan Varkey, a butcher, and his assistant, Antony, each day kill a buffalo, and after preparing its meat, they sell them in the market. Kalan Varkey faced many problems when a buffalo slips into the jungle and causes lots of problems in the village.

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