What to know how to cheat at poker? Here You Go

What to know how to cheat at poker? Here You Go

Everyone knows the uses of glasses and contact lenses, even some cases that occasionally go a little out of the norm. Everyone also knows that some can get rich by working with these products (especially manufacturers). But doing both at the same time and in record time, that’s new to me at least.

In this article you will read like a clever “players” of poker, which you must admit a certain intelligence, put about a system marking a deck of poker and using glasses or lenses of contact in a way as amazing as they are able to quickly win large sums of money from poker. In the end they get caught because greed can, but how many have not been caught?

Cheating at the Casino

While the World Series of Poker was being played in Cannes, the press uncovered a major scandal in the French Blue Coast city, related to the use of cards marked with infrared ink.

In the opinion, three Italian players were arrested by police to mark the poker cards with a system imperceptible to human eye, but which allowed recognize brands by using glasses or contact lenses specially prepared. Two casino employees and a dealer, allegedly involved in the plot, have also been detained by the gendarmes.

The operation started when someone started going to the casino and winning poker night after night about $ 60,000 a head. The casino became suspicious of the regularity of its winnings, but was unable to detect any irregularities. For this reason, he contacted the police, which began the investigations. These ended with the arrest of the suspects red-handed, while they were playing, when they had already won around $ 41,000 in that session.

Although the names of the accused have not been disclosed, everything indicates that this is an organized gang, which supposedly would have carried out the same operation in other European casinos.

Unfortunately, the method used for how to cheat at poker is not new to poker fans. What is really serious is that criminals have been able to convince casino workers to participate in fraud.

In the US, the involvement of casino employees in criminal schemes like the one of a long prison term. What is clear is that poker fans are already tired of the people that cloud the image of our game. This type of situation does not help anything and has a great repercussion in the mainstream media.