Fitness Freaks! Here’s Your Chance

Fitness Freaks! Here’s Your Chance

Price is often influenced by popularity and specialization. A personal trainer with many clients has been successful in promoting himself and creating good results for his clients, which is based on the person being able to maintain sales of training courses. But does the person offer training that can benefit you? And does the person have time for you?

Some coaches specialize in that area, but consider whether your goals require that core competency. It could, for example. be that you want in a weight loss and you have found a personal trainer who on top of this training is also a physiotherapist. The person is thus strong in rehabilitation / injury prevention – is this something you will use? If not, then there is a sea of trainers that can help with weight loss for cheaper money. Trust Ido Fishman in this work.

The cheap

What about the cheap personal trainer? Depending on whether you have a studio, have your own tools, rent, etc., there are different orders of magnitude of expenses. An hourly rate of DKK 500+ may sound like a lot, but after tax, fees, rent etc. the hourly wage is suddenly not very impressive. So how much can you expect from someone who offers personal training for DKK 300 per hour?

Selling training courses with very small prices * only makes sense if the personal trainer sells a lot of courses. How much energy would you put into your work under such conditions? And how personal can it really be? The likelihood of it becoming standardized and monotonous is high.

Offer prices are not included here

Try it out The price is NOT the first thing you should look at. This investment you are about to make is about you! Therefore, do not just take the first great offer you are thrown in the neck or the most popular trainer on the market. Nor who your best friend recommends. Try it out and keep the first point in mind.